Helmet Band

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Helmet Band “Cat-Eyes”

The bands contain two sewn on glo-vinyl “cat-eyes” that glow green in the dark for friendly
identification. The glowing cat-eyes help to retain formation during night marches as well as
provide identification of allies without the use of night vision goggles.

  • Assist in keeping the helmet cover secured and can hold grass and branches close to the helmet for extra camouflaging.
  • Bands can be custom embroidered with name, blood type, rank, roster #, etc.
  • Will fit current ACH, MICH, police style and past Kevlar/PASGT style helmets.
  • Available in Foliage Green (ACU) 504, Tan 499 (Multicam) Coyote Brown 498, Camo Green (OD) 483, Desert Tan 380 and Urban Black.
  • Made in the USA

Dimensions: Helmet Band (24”x1/2”) glo-vinyl pieces (1”x1/2”). Conforms to military spec
MIL-B- 1851F.

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