Grade 50,4-ply, 10 yards


Grade 50, 4-ply Cheesecloth (10 yds)

The Grade 50 style cloth comes in 10 yard packages. This 100% white cotton (bleached) is
nonabrasive with low-lint for cleaning and polishing of sensitive surfaces and is strong enough to
withstand industrial wiping. It is the preferred wiping cloth of the aviation and aerospace
industry as well as for janitorial, food service, crafting, furniture restoration and any areas that
need a low-lint material. It is available in 3 different grades, sizes and a variety of styles.

  • Additional Cheesecloth Uses: Low lint cleaning and wiping, furniture polishing and staining, paint straining and application, cheese and wine making, dusting, various craft projects, etc
  • The preferred wiping cloth of the aviation and aerospace industry
  • Holes within the cheesecloth are close together to prevent solids from passing through but open enough to allow for plenty of drainage
  • 100% purified soft cotton fibers are low lint, nonabrasive and a plain weave
  • Crimped gauze textured weave provides more surface area for trapping debris and moisture absorbance
  • Available in grades 10, 50 and 90 (2 ply or 4 ply) which is based on the number of threads per square inch. A higher grade provides a denser weave with a higher thread count
  • NSN# 8305-00- 205-3496 

Conforms to A-A- 1491

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